The future of eCommerce, as far as my imagination goes, is not Amazon, Flipkart or any other online stores we indulge in today but is in small targeted blogs and store fronts.

All these mega online stores offer so many things for sale that they can't meaningfully promote or suggest any of their products to their customers. They are like a warehouse on sale. Chaotic, overwhelming and eventually only good for binge shopping!

Don't see the problem yet? Let me explain! Imagine a blog that recommends the best products for a purpose to a particular demographic and then makes it possible to purchase the same at the best price on the web. For example, imagine a blog that specializes in piecing together an office attire for women in their thirties or a blog that recommends the best gadgets for smart home enthusiasts, etc. Compare that to a big grid of thumbnails with prices on Amazon. You may have thousands to choose from but in the end the very choice leaves you confused.

Such blogs can not only create the desire to own and use / flaunt something - holy grail of retail - but can also eliminate choice anxiety - the burden of choosing from a sea of undifferentiated products. Its like affiliate marketing on steroids where the big portals confine themselves to inventory, transaction and logistics management and leave the point of sale to third parties.

This way the bloggers / storefronts can concentrate on sales and make money from every purchase (commission) and referral (CPC) they generate while the big brother makes better margins on his inventory without having to offer huge discounts to generate sales.