The way I see it, the World Wide Web is stuck with 'Search'! Yes, I understand the utility and ingenuity in being able to find the stuff we want but the Web has more to offer than that. I believe, the Web is as much about introducing us to new things that never crossed our minds as about providing the information we seek and we cannot search the Web for stuff we are not yet aware of! Even the original idea of content linking to other content (hyperlinks) only goes so far as content creators cannot link their content to stuff they are not (yet) aware of!

Off late, social feedback and curation have become a formidable force on the Web but we only come across what our peers find interesting and relevant there by limiting our field of vision to that of our friends / curators. It more or less boils down to a push-pull model where creators / curators push the stuff somewhere and seekers pull it from there with some form of voting / propagation mechanism in between.

Can we do away with all the explicit social curation mechanisms and create a smart service that can act as a personalized navigation system for the Web? I believe we can as we have already built something similar for Talkonomy. We call it the 'Navigator' (Suggestions shown on the right!) and it helps people navigate and explore Talkonomy! And the best part is this technology can be extended to the whole Web if desired!