Recently, I was browsing through my music library (mp3s) and found that many songs I ripped / digitized long back (from CDs and tape) were either corrupt or were of inferior quality than those available through iTunes, etc. today. Legally I own that music but have no way of refreshing my library to a better quality available elsewhere.

It then suddenly occurred to me that why can't there be a service where I can upload my music and download alternative / better versions of the same from it. Technically and legally I am only swapping my music and not downloading anything that I do not already own. The service just stores and identifies the music me and others upload and allows us to download alternative versions of the music we already own.

The service can also remember the music I own and upload so that I can download better / alternate versions of the same as and when they are made available by other members of the community. FLAC fans will love this!!!

A Legal Web 2.0 Music Swapping / Library Service! Sounds feasible :-)