Many attribute the success of various Web 2.0 services to 'Network Effect', which says that the more the participants on a platform the more attractive and rewarding it is for new comers and bystanders to jump in. While 'Network Effect' can explain their growth, it boils down to an intractable 'Chicken and Egg Situation' in the very early days of these services. How will a service grow from 0 to its first 100 participants or so, if every other prospective user is looking for a critical level of activity and population to come aboard? There must be something else at work all through the life of a successful service!

In my opinion 'Circular Inspiration' is the missing piece of this puzzle and services such as Facebook, Instagram, Quora, etc. depend on it to achieve critical mass and growth. If we take the case of Instagram, one user's creativity and pictures inspire another user to get creative and share his own pictures which further inspire the first user to get more creative and share even more pictures. We can see how inspiration travels back and forth in circles fueling activity, the life blood of any service . Even though this phenomenon grows stronger with the number of participants, it requires only two people to start the whole rendezvous. Its not hard to imagine how the same phenomenon is at work on many other services and platforms.