Its sad that we have started to romanticize and lust for fire power, arms and ammunition at a public level or at least the mass media is forcing these emotions into us.

Many television / cable channels commonly recommended for kids and adolescents now air programs depicting weapons and tools of war as the coolest stuff to posses and experience. How can we allow this to happen to our young (highly impressionable age groups) and complain about violent behavior / gun violence in schools and colleges? Whats this hypocrisy? Aren't weapons just a necessary evil to defend ourselves? Why are we boasting our military technology in mass media? Whats this new found lust for destructive gear and tools?

Is this all part of the 'War Propaganda' to prevent common backlash against ongoing wars by ordinary people (tax payers) funding these wars? This is a surprising trend in the past few decades to which mass media is playing host and common man is falling prey to! Even more surprising is how democratic countries are encouraging and falling prey to this conjuring indoctrination by wicked back stage forces!

Governments don't care! Leaders care less! But its important for the common man to remember that - 'No body ever wins a War! Everyone loses!'. When the mind and heart of the average Joe gets corrupt, families disintegrate, communities falter, nations tremble and empires fall.