The Psychology of Evil. Interesting prospect. "The Lucifer Effect" is really interesting. Turning the good bad, it only takes one crazy person with their finger on the trigger and nothing to lose to kill everyone. It seems logical that it can come down to the very situation of a good person being presented with a scenario where the person could either do what is "Right" or what is "Wrong", but it changes the question in my mind to what is "Right" and "Wrong"? How do we define these things in every day life?

In my mind we all need to be aware of our weaknesses in ourselves, and our strengths, and be aware of the situations that capitalize on our weaknesses and strengths. If we can do that, we can as a race of beings be better off. If we could learn to avoid the situations that put us in scenarios where we are forced to walk on our weak leg so to speak, and pursue our strengths in academia, social awareness, mental abilities, etc, we can change the course of our future, one situation at a time.