Why is television so addictive and why didn't the likes of YouTube replace our good old cable service? When I see my family and friends prefer regular cable over on-demand access, I keep questioning myself - what's driving this behavior inspite of infinite choice on the Internet?

The answer is simple, SIMPLICITY! Unlimited choice causes anxiety and requires effort to find what we want! On the other hand many don't mind settling for something entertaining when accessing it is brain dead simple.

We may need to bring in some concepts - channels and programming - that cable tv pioneered to internet video and build a simple and intuitive navigator (remote) to displace the cable from our living room.

Now you may be tempted to say - Youtube, etc. already have channels! Yes, they all have channels, but they don't yet have the kind of programming everybody has come to expect and there is no simple way to access them on your TV!

We should design a dongle (think ChromeCast) for our TV and a simple controller/remote to navigate through channels and programs on it. Then we should be able to leverage a third-party ecosystem to come up with programming/channels for it.

In the end, its not about flexibility and choice but about simplicity and effortlessness. Imagine the drunk on the couch, the remote in his hand and the TV before him! He is the least common denominator we should aim for!