Android on TV is awesome! Way better than everything else I tried so far - Windows, Linux, and what not. Android is much easier to navigate on big displays that are viewed from a distance than the rest. Its a coincidence that something designed for smartphones and tablets caters equally well for our TVs too.

But there is a problem, a very sore one indeed. 'Point & Click' just doesn't cut it and all those fancy handheld keyboards and remotes are 'Fancy' at best. They need getting used to and even then they are a pain to to use. Interfaces designed around these silly remotes and handhelds suck big time and this limitation is preventing Smart TV from going mainstream.

I sometimes wonder how easy it would be if I could just touch my TV to control it. It would be silly to run to the TV every time we want to do something but what if we can hold a full touch remote (customized tablet) in our hand that mirrors our TV display onto it and we can just touch and interact with it to interact with our TV!!!

Isn't 'Miracast' (WiFi display) achieving something similar albeit in the reverse fashion! Yes, but with one big problem. To use it we need to disconnect from WiFi and forgo internet connectivity! A deal breaker for most of us.