Intel's Mooly Eden: 'Voice will do to touch what touch did to keyboards'. A recent article on Engadget highlighted this visionary who thinks touch based user interface is not intuitive, at least less intuitive than voice based interface.

Apple brought smartphones to the consumer landscape like no one did in 2007; are we gearing up for another quantum change in the scene of consumer technology? Touch based user interface completely phased out physical keypads/keyboards. Would voice be the next big thing and wash out touch interfaces?

Talking to computers to seek information and get tasks done has always been at the heart of scores of science fiction movies till date. It makes sense that voice will be a very comfortable way to interact with the tens of devices that we use in our everyday lives. It is a natural interface. We talk to people, but do not usually 'touch' them to interact, no pun intended.

What do you think? Will voice be the next big thing?