This talk has changed my entire perception of life and our world. The idea that so many people have yet to realize it, and even myself as well is a staggering one.

How does the brain organize so much information to fit basically what you want to see in your life? More importantly how do we change it?
On this I have heard a promising theory of Brain Programming
The second video is kind of cheesy but it is spot on with the
theories I've heard, namely that if you spend about five minutes
constructing your goals and using visual representations for them
in your mind right before bed, and your brain will begin to
reorganize your reality.

It is incredible how we know so much about Child Development and yet still insist on smothering the very traits we know to be necessary to our survival as a species. Children are curious by nature of their environment both physically and socially because of their need to develop new neuron connections, and we then diagnose them with ADD
and medicate them so they quit doing what they were biologically designed to do.

However the potential is incredible and boundless.