The other day, me and my family were driving to a nearby Amish village in two cars and we found it incredibly hard to keep up with each other and know each other's location and whereabouts. It is a common problem for many who are driving to a relatively unknown area in groups. How can we make this easier?

Currently, we manage the above-described situation by messaging geo-coordinates to each other and navigating there! Can we do better?

What if our Navigation apps have a 'Group Sync' feature that lets us sync our location and destination to our friends / family driving somewhere in different cars?

We should be able to see each other's location and destination on map, navigate to any given person's current location (when they stop by for some reason) and be able to pull each other's destination and set course there or push our destination to others for them to optionally change their course and destination. These features can greatly simplify the experience for those driving together and reduce the anxiety when we lose sight of each other!

Technically, its simple to implement this using push services and on the UX side - Tap on the Avatar to view their current location on map and double tap to go to the details screen and navigate to their current location or their destination.

Update: I am aware that Waze does this to an extent, but my idea is to take this group sync feature to a whole new level.