How many times did we come across a situation where there were multiple WiFi networks in range but were private and inaccessible? How often did we wish that may be we can borrow a little WiFi time from them! The need is mutual and reciprocal when it comes to others wishing to access the internet through our WiFi network. Can't we share a fraction of our internet bandwidth with others and in turn access internet from others networks when we are away from our home?

I believe there is a solution to this problem and I call it PeerNet - A Cooperative WiFi Sharing Framework. The idea is simple, share a fraction of your bandwidth with others and in turn enjoy surfing from any other participating WiFi network.

Most of the WiFi routers available today can support more than one WiFi network i.e. one primary WLAN and a few more virtual WLANs that we can configure for other purposes. A custom firmware is needed though to support all the functions of PeerNet.

This framework mandates an open virtual WLAN on every participating WiFi network for anybody to connect to. However this virtual WLAN shall have full isolation and require every user to login with their home SSID and passkey to access internet so as to prevent foul play and free riding.

PeerNet servers track every participating WiFi network for how much data it shares with others and allow its owners to access proportionally equivalent data from other participating networks. I suggest a 2:1 ratio i.e. for every 2 bytes shared from your home network, you get 1 byte from participating networks. The excess can then be used to sell WiFi access and support development and maintenance of the service.