Smart this and smart that! Every device and machine with us and around us is adopting a smart layer and will soon enable us to live in a completely connected ecosystem. But getting 'Smart' means more than being able to run apps and act as a platform, it means sensing the environment, communicating with other smart agents and acting in response to the above.

Many dub this development as 'Internet of Things' but trying to constrain our devices to communicate only through the internet or some form of pre-established infrastructure could be a limiting factor for this whole thing. We may be ignoring the potential in peer to peer ad-hoc communication between our devices.

'Spontaneous Ad-Hoc Networks' are much more efficient for communication in close proximity and the technology required to enable such activity is already available and mature. WLan Ad-Hoc Mode or IBSS Mode essentially allows P2P communication between devices/agents in range and can bring interesting possibilities to our digital ecosystem. Completely dynamic and completely set-up free!

Imagine cars on the highway exchanging information for a safer commute! Imagine your TV automatically muting itself or your DVR pausing the show when your mobile phone rings; it may even show the caller details for you! Things will be even more interesting when they can learn to cooperate and serve us better!