Have you ever lived under a roof directly exposed to the summer sun? In the tropics it is a very common problem irrespective of the season! The debilitating heat radiates through the roof and homes feel like ovens! The utility bills skyrocket from air-conditioning if you can afford it or you just have to bear through the heat waiting for the rains!

Currently, many paint their roofs white to reflect some of the incident heat and tame the situation but this is not as effective as you might assume. Some even erect additional and relatively cheaper asbestos roofs to cover their primary roofs but asbestos heats up eventually and transfers the heat down through convection!

I believe this problem has a smart and frugal solutional! Why is sitting under a tree much better than sitting under an RCC or asbestos roof directly exposed to the sun? Trees and plants have optimized their form and function for direct sunlight and cool themselves through evaporative mechanisms thereby reducing the heat transferred down!

Now, how can we use this to our advantage? Simple! Erect few poles and set up a supportive mesh on your roof for growing a vine/creeper on it! The humble vine will eventually cover the entire area of the mesh and afford shade to your roof. This approach when adopted widely can also help reduce pollution in our cities and make them greener and cooler! :-)