Many across the world cannot afford air-conditioning simply because of the relatively high electricity consumption by these appliances. In the developing world the utility bills for a home with and without air-conditioning is nearly 5x the latter. This problem is even worse in the hot and humid tropics. Can we do something about this and bestow them with at least a good night sleep?

The problem is multi-pronged and not just about the efficiency of these appliances. Homes are often poorly built to properly insulate the interior from the hot and humid exterior. Brick walls, leaky windows, unclad floors, etc. increase the cooling / heating burden on these machines leading to high utility bills. Even moderately well-off households from the developing world shy away from these comforts that are considered essential across the developed world.

While air-conditioning a home/room is considered ideal, I propose a frugal yet smart solution for a good night sleep - An air-conditioned bed capsule. Inspired from the mosquito netted beds (commonly seen in the tropics) that help keep the insects away while sleeping, I thought, why not just air-condition the space inside such an envelop.

Low power consumption, well insulated, cozy, personal and above all cheap to build and use.