We all have seen Wall-E, the adorable little robot that aggregates and compacts trash on a then abandoned Earth. But I believe such a robot can exist now and save us from our own trash.

Trash - the seldom talked, filthy, big-small problem that we all just brush away and assume it is being taken care of. But the truth is far from what we would like it to be. Everything literally ends up in a dump somewhere and the big-intractable problem is sorting trash. No sorting means no recycling and no recycling is simply not sustainable.

Worlds oceans and water bodies are filled with plastic and chemicals leeching out of our trash and we all are slowly falling sick because of our own trash.

The fact is, Humanity needs a helping hand with trash before it is too late and robots with currently achievable capabilities considering all the advances in machine learning, computer vision and autonomous agents, can really make a difference here. Robots can work in filthy conditions without complaining or falling sick and patiently sort, aggregate and help recycle our trash. Compared to earlier approaches, an ad-hoc autonomous robot similar to Wall-E is key to success in my honest opinion.

And there is lots of money to be made here too. I am hopeful that some pioneering entrepreneurs will find opportunity here - One man's trash can literally be another man's treasure as the saying goes!