With reference to my previous post in this topic, I should merit at least one manufacturer for attempting to challenge the ordinary. HTC (High Tech Computers, Taiwan) has recently launched a flagship phone by name HTC One with a number of highlights. Among those, the one that is relevant here is its 'Ultrapixel' camera. Apart from the marketing gimmicks of naming it 'ultrapixel...', the camera sensor has less than usual megapixels (4MP or 5MP as some sources say) keeping the sensor size larger than normal for cell phone cameras (1/3" vs 1/3.2" in iPhone 5). This boils down to, as HTC claims, 3 times larger pixel size than usual cell phone cameras, resulting in what will be best noticed as improved low-light performance.

Skeptics and megapixel aficionados may claim reduced detail due to the 'lower' pixel count. This matters only if you plan to make large print sizes, which cell phone pictures rarely end up as. Most are used for web sharing where the pixel count hardly matters.