Anyone ever notice that when you are sitting at home, or at a bus stop, coffee shop, etc, time seems to drag on. You look at the clock/watch and you say to yourself "Where is my frackin' bus/freind/coffee?". Yet in the reverse of that situation, say were headed to work and you woke up late so you are really pushing it on time, which seems to be flying out the window faster than your stream of curses? That is what is known as Space-Time. The Quantum realm is all about what happens behind the scenes of these scenarios. Basically to attempt to understand Quantum physics in general you have to accept that any particle is not only matter but a wave as well. Each particle vibrates at a certian rate which can be influenced by it's surroundings such as "Black body Radiation"
This all seems great but what does it mean? It means that nothing is impossible for anyone. Motivation and encouragement are all that is required.