Let me start by saying this- LED TVs are nothing but LCD TVs which are illuminated by LEDs (classic LCDs are illuminated by CCFLs). Plasmas on the other hand do not need to be illuminated given the nature of their image production mechanism.

The answer to this ever-confusing comparison depends on the perspective; from that of a potential buyer and from that of a technology website reviewer. Buyer's best choice is limited by his spending ability, whereas, the reviewer enjoys the luxury of picking the best available. Without much ado, let me introduce you to the best HDTV technology. High-end LED TVs win over plasma TVs in black and white levels(translates to good image quality). But they come at a price - costing several thousand dollars like the Sharp Elite series, becoming the choice of a technology reviewer. The best bang for the buck is delivered hands down by plasmas- deep black levels, accurate color reproduction and wallet-friendly price.