Maturity at its best is senility, where one has all the wisdom but no opportunity left. On the other hand, youth is full of opportunity but devoid of any wisdom whatsoever.

Surprisingly, all the wisdom that we ever need is all around us, if we can learn from others' experiences and a bit of history. But that seldom happens!

Now, if you believe in evolution, everything is optimized for its purpose and probably youth is so by design. Then, we might ask, why is youth so insolent?

Probably because youth is meant for dodging the odds and bringing in the new / change. Civilizations, systems, cultures and sciences need to evolve and evolution requires change. But this change is hard and no one in their right mind would be up for it unless of course drugged by adolescence and all the hormonal kicks that come with it :-)

So, if you are young and up to something, go ahead and try to make it happen. For it is your duty by God's will to break the ice!