Today I have a heavy heart, as my family has lost an important member. Her name is Abbey, she was a blonde Pekingese, with a quirky personality that could make any heart melt within seconds. At 2:30 A.M. she suffered a stroke that left her completely paralyzed and in extreme pain. The decision was made to put her to sleep rather than force he to suffer in the hopes that she would recover, as the damage done was beyond that of reversing. As I comfort my mom, who is understandably distraught I remember my first dog Buddy. He was only five years old when he was diagnosed with a never before seen form of terminal spine cancer. At 15 years old I watched, horrified, as my best friend lost all ability to stand, and walk on his own and eventually lost control over his bladder and rectum in a man to of weeks. I chose to have him put down rather than let him continue to suffer. I came to realize that these horrible events were not the way I wanted to honor them. Instead I want to honor them by remembering everything before that, for the happiness and joy they brought into our lives, and I realized this exactly how everyone should be remembered. Life should be celebrated for having been rather than mourned for having been lost. So please, keep the memories of happy times with loved ones at the forefront of your mind, always. That is how we honor those we have lost.