Many of the social evils haunting us right now revolve around lack of opportunity and insufficient self constraint. While much has been said about self-constraint, abundant opportunity not only reduces exploitation but also promotes mutual dignity and strengthens any society.

However, opportunity and employment at a social level are actually dependent on the number of people marginalizing the safety and comfort of a job and chasing new unproven opportunities. How do we justify that to prospective entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurship, although commonly pursued for the riches, is hard to justify only in terms of future wealth and rewards as its inherently risky and requires a lot of effort, sacrifice and commitment. So what should be the motivation behind such an endeavor?

We need a new perspective to entrepreneurship and like all things larger than life, its important to remember that entrepreneurship is actually a service to the society and that for every man finding a bankable opportunity, a thousand find employment and security! Entrepreneurs, small or big, are the soldiers, reformers and icebreakers of the modern world.

Go find your opportunity, lead your flock, deliver your thing and enrich the world. Make your mark and create your legacy! It should really be your first priority!