I was feeling nostalgic a while back, thinking of days that made me feel like the universe is working in every way possible to make me feel happy and ecstatic. And then it suddenly occurred to me - why can't I live some of those moments again by reaching out to such experiences once again. Can we?

In fact, life has given me such moments so many times that I could hardly recollect half of them. And each one of them was completely different from the others but equally heart warming. What's happening? I thought, how can I bring back and relive at least one of those moments!

Well, I then realized, one can only recreate situations but not experiences! You cannot enjoy that game, dance or kiss the same way you did back then! But then, I felt, life has more to offer, the same way it did a decade back and that every one of us is setup for a unique experience for every stage and moment of our life the minute we were born and this shall continues until we rest in peace!

To everyone enjoying those blissful moments of their youth, friendship, love, marriage, parenting, success, fame or whatever life has to offer that makes you feel wonderful, make the most of it, cherish it and treasure it, and never look back, for everything is just a fleeting moment in a finite life that never gives it again. All good things must end someday to make way for the others to come :-)