Knowledge, the most powerful and applicable tool know to our species, and yet it is one that we pettily put a price on. The price being considered a "small price to pay" and its true when you speak of Academic Journals, but what about College?

The Ideals of Universities started as a path of betterment of ones' self. The last time I can objectively say this was true was just before Charles Darwin graduated (pg 15 Charles Darwin and Theory of Natural Selection by Edward Poulton).

Now Students are told early on here in America "Go to College to get a better Job!" yet to do so is to put a ridiculous price on the rest of the Student's life. Colleges make it more difficult for students to afford to go to school and to live day to day. It comes down to a choice of food for the week, or study for exams, and that is an unrealistic choice.

Education should be centered around the student's experience and development as an individual, but today it is centered around a business model. It has forced many, including myself to question the validity of the proposition.