We often confuse between richness, wealth, achievement and money with undue emphasis on monetary abundance! True money is important but its just a convenient means to barter and is worthless unless we exchange it for the right things in life. And my friend wealth and money are completely different entities.

We all want to be rich, but what is being rich? In my opinion, richness is being able to cater to all our sensitivities. If you make a lot of money but have no time left for anything else in life, its slavery reinvented and not richness. We enjoy many things in life - music, travel, family, friends, conversations, learning, ideas, experimenting, freedom, love, affection, care, food, and the list is endless. Richness is all about experiencing the above and more! The more we can get the richer we are!

Wealth on the other hand is anything that can help secure our future, provide for us, generate useful resources and contribute to the richness of our life and that of our fellow men. Wealth comes in many forms- intellectual, social, personal, etc. Health and education are also forms of wealth per se.

Finally achievement starts with pursuing richness and wealth at a personal level and ends with making a positive contribution to the human endeavor that started on this tiny little rock circling a star we call Sun.

One can make lots of money and still be poor, insecure and lost!