An intriguing presentation, one that has illuminated several things about society to me, as well as about myself. A very solid case for the idea that our "Destiny" is under our control, and only we can change it's course, for better or worse.

We must move on from the mentality of a mapped out path for individuals, and move on to better things. I would love to have some other opinions, as I myself am still processing this information as a whole.

One thing I find is that it is very easy to lose sight of the "Big Picture" so to speak. I'm currently in the process of training myself to trace the lines in order to connect the dots with every bit of information I slowly gather. It can be a slow process with all of the information I take in day by day, it usually takes me about a week to sort through everything from the previous week, usually at the end of each day I go through the news stories and such that I have book marked, and will categorize it by relevance and interest.

A question I have is how do other people perform this task? Everyone's mind works differently, so it would be interesting to learn how others do it.