"I don't know how?" & "I can't understand that!" - are one of the most common excuses that people give themselves and others whenever they encounter a challenging situation in life. I would like to emphasize on these as excuses than reasons as they are easily surmountable with the right attitude towards learning.

Its no longer sufficient to stay confined to what is taught in school and college and we can't expect to be spoon fed by formal instruction every time we have to learn something new. Learning to learn - the autodidactic approach (google it) is the best makeover you can give to your attitude and you will never need to look back again. Your destiny will fall back into your hands and you can once again decide what you want to do with your life.

Gone are the days when learning and researching a topic meant endless trips to the library, bookstore and to those revered experts. With the advent of information super highway and Google, learning can happen at the speed of thought. Recursive learning is the way to go.

Research what interests you and do the same for every concept that you don't understand in between until you reach a level of confidence with the topic and task at hand. You are on the right path if you have already googled for "Autodidacticism" and "Recursive Learning".