Literally history repeats itself. Neither the first time, nor the second, nor ever will any human pay heed, learn from what has already happened and improvise at any significant level.

We will stabilize to organize, organize to prosper, prosper to conquer, conquer to plunder / suffer afterwhich we again pursue stability. This cycle will probably repeat itself until sky falls down on us.

One reason could be that human / animal reasoning evolved to function in the immediate vicinity of time, space and being. Largely we care more about ourselves than others, about our immediate habitat than far away lands and about now more than past and future. This is good for survival at individual / micro level but when projected onto a social / macro level this tendency locks us together in a small narrow bubble of space-time that keeps traversing the same path over and over again.

For any given species very few things change over generations. Every generation of monkeys lives and dies nearly the same way. In comparison we, homo sapiens, did improvise over generations in terms of means and ways but have been pursuing the same thing since the time of hunter-gatherer societies.