For decades now people around the world are sore about losing jobs to computers and automation but the real debacle is yet to unfold.

Industrial revolution ushered in the age of abundance and the much celebrated middle class was born. Past century was spectacular with energy rich petroleum at our disposal and with the birth of semiconductors and personal computers things started looking even better. 'All is well' until now in the spirit of better life for everybody.

However in the mean time computers got smarter by the day and started displacing workforce. Now this story is not new but at the pace at which they are evolving most semi-professional and professional services on which middle class thrive will soon be taken over by expert systems and robotic automation.

Computers may not become intelligent or conscious but will replicate the smartness of the smartest among us and sadly 90% of us may not be able compete with them for a living. The race is on to outsmart the machines...