I often wonder what would happen if we lose most if not all the knowledge and wisdom we have acquired in the past few centuries.

May be the least common denominator for humanity is war, exploitation and superstition.

Any man/group confident enough to conquer or exploit will do so if they are not bound by an intricate web of obligations, emotions and dependencies.

Moreover we cant stop thinking and when we try to reason or explain some phenomenon when we are not yet equipped to do so, we end up explaining it the wrong yet acceptable way giving rise to superstition. I believe superstition will reign high as long as there are unexplained things and uninformed men.

In fact religion can be viewed as a scheme devised by the then wise to use the unexplained for taming people down into a sustainable society which was later modulated and exploited to foster the same evils it was meant to fight against.

Somehow men tend to modify and use anything at their disposal to exploit others.