3D Printing and Desktop Manufacturing, a new revolution in the making, is reshaping the way we manufacture things by addressing the long tail of fabrication and customization. It took more than a decade to bring this technology restricted to expensive prototyping labs to the masses and is surprisingly driven by crowd funded garage born companies than large corporations. Bespoke manufacturing driven by bespoke innovation by people like you and me!

3D Printing is revolutionizing everything from Medicine to Aviation by rewriting the economics of niche and custom built parts. Surgeons will be able to order customized implants instead of relying on an expensive inventory of pre-made implants that in the end are still a compromise for the patient. Some scientists are even trying to print tissues and organs using this technology and this development can prolong life expectancy to unprecedented levels in the not so distant future.

On the other end, this technology can breathe fresh life into ageing equipment whose parts are no longer available due to short product life cycles across the industry. Repair shops will now become mini factories repairing and even producing custom products.

Finally Desktop Manufacturing is still in its infancy and could have more profound implications than Desktop Computing (PC Revolution). Welcome to the age of Manufacturing at the speed of thought!