Clearly Android is going places not just because of the increased penetration of smartphones but also because of plummeting prices (read quasi branded chinese phones). Even global brands such as Lenovo and Panasonic have joined this wave and want to cash in on the huge budget smartphone market.

However, this market is currently awash with poorly integrated devices that offer a paltry experience to the consumers. The hardware inside these devices may not be cutting edge or blazing fast but is perfectly capable of delivering a solid smartphone experience to the end-users. Then where is the problem? Sadly, most of these quasi brand manufacturers lack the talent or muscle to integrate their hardware and Android well enough to deliver the desired experience.

Solution? Outsource Android integration to someone who has made a name for themselves in this space! Eg. CynogenMod community has been delivering aftermarket Android builds for a variety of devices for sometime now. And chip makers such as MediaTek should work with such integration partners to make sure Android interfaces well with their SoCs.

Recently, One Plus, launched their flagship 'One' to huge fanfare under a similar arrangement. Now its time for Mediatek to strike the right chord with Cynogen or vice versa and bring well integrated Android experience to the budget smartphone. Such a partnership can create history!