Imagine letting your friend see on his device what you are seeing on your device, be it a webpage, a video or some photographs. How about playing DJ to a small group of friends in the cafeteria? What if you can show your folks on the TV, a picture or a video you just found on a blog? Sounds like another cloud based service or a second screen app right? Not really!

Basically, you control your Android device by touching it and the device interacts with you through its display and audio systems. Display and Audio are just streams under the metal and your touch input a sequence of events. These streams and events can be shared, broadcasted and replicated over WiFi to create a powerful ecosystem.

Now that Android has moved beyond smartphones and tablets, I believe its time for it to have a framework in place for discovery and sharing of various native streams and events. Such a framework will strengthen the Android ecosystem and make way for interesting possibilities in the future.