There is a new version of Android (4.2.1) out there and I am stuck with the old flavor of Jelly Bean (4.1.1). My almost new phone, Atrix HD, which is perfectly capable of running the new Android is shun out of this party and this is the case with many of your phones too.

We are told to live with the old software that came with the phone or purchase a new one which is unfair by all standards. I am aware that I can root and flash my device with after-market ROMs but is all this mess necessary? Why are the devices locked in the first place and why should we turn hackers just to upgrade the software of a device we paid for?

Android is Open Source (free as in free speech) and modular but the device makers and service providers don't want to make this an open platform. I feel deprived of my rights to use my device the way I wish to.

Why cant our smartphones behave like our good old PCs where we are free to run the software of our choice?