Last week me and Praneeth hooked up an Atrix HD phone to his TV via HDMI to try Android on a large screen and I could not believe what I saw. Its perfect!

I have been hunting for a good HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) experience for many years now to access local and online media on my TV. A few years back I have even assembled a fairly powerful Win 7 HTPC but the whole thing is neither friendly nor optimized for large screens.

Some how the touch screen optimized Android UI is also perfect for large screens.

To control the HTPC you can either connect a Bluetooth handheld Keypad/Mouse combo such as Dinovo Mini or mirror the display onto another android device using VNC server and client.

On the other hand you could just replicate the display of your Android device to a Miracast enabled display to achieve the same experience but then battery life could be an issue.