While many have been going ga..ga.. over the new Miracast feature available on Android 4.2 and beyond, very few have taken note of the disruptive capabilities of this new technology.

For a start it can wipe out the gaming console and console games market and give an edge to mobile first companies to exploit the big screen. Recently games on phones and tablets have been eating away customers from console games and now they will directly attack console games on their home turf, the TV.

Moreover TVs will soon support Miracast natively and we will not need any accesory / set-top-box to mirror display. Browsing on your tablet and watching on your TV is much easier than navigating on the big screen with remote making the set top box for IPTV, etc. redundant. Looks like the set-top-box will go extinct too.

Dont just take my words for it! Watch this video and decide for yourself!