Google has come up with yet another version of Android 4.x, the 4.2 which will also go by the same name Jelly Bean. Looks like they have big plans for 5.0 and don't want these incremental updates to clutter the big scene.

This version will power the recently announced super smart phone Nexus 4 and the tablets Nexus 7 and 10.

The most notable feature of this update would be Multi-User Support. While this may not be a show stopper for smartphones, it surely has great utility on tablets. How many times did we yell at our folks for fidgeting with our tablets? Now we can share tablets and still enjoy privacy.

Secondly the remote display feature a.k.a Miracast enables us to share the screen with any compatible TV/Display. Now this is huge and brings our favorite entertainment back on to the TV screen in the living room. Browse on Tablet and watch on TV. Wonderful!

Finally the often loved app driven Gesture Typing (Swype) and Panoroma Mode for Camera have made it into the core.