Suggests that humans have entered and cause a new Epoch, characterized by the adverse effects Humans have had on our world.
Some Geologists are of the mind that this is nothing more than a pop culture phase, but is there more to it than that?
100 years from now would it have an effect if our future children read of the time of Humans when ignorance ran like water among our race at the beginning of the Anthropocene Epoch, where we caused mass extinctions of various species, polluted the oceans, changed the Global temperature, perhaps permanently? Would they find themselves thinking "what was wrong with these people?" as we so often find ourselves doing upon reflection of our ancestors?
There is debate as to when the Epoch would begin, would it be at the start of the Industrial Revolution? The 1800's was a critical time period for Humanity, both for technology and growth. However it is also known that our most volatile changes today in temperature and sea levels started way back when we first started burning fossil fuels.
Should we focus so much on the Anthropocene Era as the epoch of Ignorance? Why not change the focus instead to an Era of solutions?