"It is hoped that the collider will find evidence of dark matter, believed to make up around a quarter of the Universe and widely considered to hold the key to understanding its origins.
The giant piece of scientific equipment, which sits underground beneath Geneva and runs for more than 16 miles, often attracts media attention and has even featured in a Dan Brown novel.
James Gillies, head of communication for CERN, admitted that the institute "very shamelessly" uses the collider to build a platform to promote particle physics and said they were always keen to make the most of Holywood's interest. However he added that the organisation is careful to show how the Higgs story was part of a broader push for scientific discovery." (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/10105715/God-particle-overhyped-says-man-behind-discovery.html)
And in comparison the impression I received from the Simons Foundation Article was that the Boson particle was it, and here is one of the scientists who found it basically saying 'Whoa guys, slow your roll.'