Contd ( This is, in my theory, putting a name to what is known as "Dark Matter" that is present throughout our entire universe, and some how exerts the effect of gravity without the prerequisites for gravity.

Along with the discovery came this "Peter Higgs, the British academic after whom the particle is named, said it is being used by scientific institutions to justify massive research budgets.
He warned that media interest in the Higgs boson was distorting the public's understanding of that area of science by dominating publicity.
In particular Professor Higgs singled out the CERN research organisation, which runs the £6 billion Large Hadron Collider, for criticism and urged them to spend more time promoting other projects.
'I think it's been overhyped ... The way it's been plugged by organisations like CERN has worried me,' Mr Higgs said at the Cheltenham Science Festival yesterday.
'It worried me that once it was discovered they would be caught out and the perception would be that there was no need for the machine any more.'" ( All in all I agree, the media tends to get excited about, well everything. contd