Some of the biggest public health issues across the developing world are related to 'Sexually Transmitted Diseases', importantly HIV, and 'Birth Control'. While condoms have been the darling of many initiatives to address these issues for quite sometime now, they can only do so much because of their inherent deficiency in providing an equally pleasurable experience.

Yes there have been numerous attempts to make them more desirable (read dotted, ribbed, etc.) than being a necessary inconvenience but they still end up trying to preserve and mimic the natural barrier free act and remain an unwelcome guest in our intimate moments. I believe we can do better!

Why should condoms try to make themselves unfelt? Why can't condoms better the experience and make the act even more pleasurable? I believe this idea warrants more thought and experimentation given the impact of a 'Desirable Condom'!

To sum it up, condoms should aim to take the experience to a whole new level that given an option the bare act becomes less desirable! A tall dream; worth trying nevertheless. :-)

How about a condom that doesn't stick to the male part but more or less mimics a vagina to the penis and a penis to the vagina. Such a condom shall have a vulval stop, optional ribs for structural support and added stimulation, a hyper-elastic and resilient membrane body and shall only make it half way through at rest. It shall then stretch to accommodate full penetration there by providing enough frictional stimulation during the act for both the partners.