The Common Core State Standards are in a word, messy. The States, 41 in total, accepted the standards in 2009 which was required for federal money to nullify the No child Left Behind act, which was put in place so no child would be forced to take education at an under rated school regardless of region, when the standards themselves had not been written until 2010. Great economic lesson, buy a product that doesn't even exist.

The standards are being pushed by the NGA, National Governors Association, and the CCSSO, Council of Chief State School Officers, which both got their funding, $360 Million and $100 Million, to create both the Standards and the Assessments, when the US department of Education's budget for 2013 is $30 Million short of the budget used just to write the tests, so how is this going to work?

The Federal government has left it mostly up to the states, but has no way of making sure the states follow through. More over the Fed has set a mandate for a Longitudinal Database on students, I get sick just thinking about the possible atrocities waiting to happen there. So who funded this all? The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. Who is funding the Department of Education? We the People. Somehow I don't think the check books are going to balance there. We should have taken that money and invested it directly into the school system, giving teachers what they need.