Everyday millions of people use their gadgets to play music and its one of the main reasons for purchasing these gadgets in the first place. This music playing experience has evolved by leaps and bounds in the recent years with due emphasis on eye candy and intuitive interfaces but hasn't garnered any significant innovation per se from the days of Winamp. All players sans few more or less do the same thing when we are actually waiting for smarter players and services.

One aspect of our music apps that we really depend on is its 'Shuffle' functionality. We really wish our apps could play DJ for us and delight us with an interesting mix but not much is happening on this front. Some apps did try though. For example, MixZing (Android) senses the mood of a chosen track and plays similar tracks for us from our library. Kudos to MixZing and other similar apps for that!

Nevertheless, I wish we had a smarter Shuffle function on our music players; one that can filter songs on various criteria such as mood, date added, date released, artist, etc. How about mixing and playing tracks that match the mood of a chosen track from the tracks that were recently added to our library? Sounds cools isn't it! Similarly, we will rejoice at the idea of listening to a to mix of latest releases or old releases (if we are feeling nostalgic) with or without mood filtering!