Bitch Bad: This song by Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, known as Lupe Fiasco on stage, is a perfect description of the state of attempted indoctrination, and the perfect device to help reverse the effects if repeated exposure is maintained. The industry has associated the image of Women with the slang "Bitch" which also is a term used to define a female dog, as well as
( ) a term of service used to describe one performing degrading and disgusting tasks in either employed or unemployed service: "Dish washing is Bitch Work dude!" or other things along those lines. It is quite maddening to see it affect the Women in our country from early ages as well.

I.T.A.L. (Roses): Ital foods are from the Rastafarian Diet that is said to be filled with all of the vital nutrients to the body, the foods selected for nutritional value and only includes naturally grown and harvested foods, mostly vegetarian, possibly poultry depending on if it was 'free-ranged' or a growth hormone product. The song is basically a call to attention of what our world has become, and that if the 1% here want to try and crush everyone, go for it, we have the ITAL, we can grow our own food, we can return to the way of the earth to fight back.