I truly am humbled by the pure emotion behind this particular Track. It is a real insight into just how bad it can get in certain areas of our Country, I remember when I was a child I had heard talk of "America is a 1st World Country", If that is so then why do we still have people living without public transportation in places like Detroit, where people have to cross literally miles of "Gang Territory" (I despise the notion of gangs claiming territory), to take children to school, and go to work, the only option for them is to drive, if you cannot afford to own a car, you are on your own, especially if you call for Emergency Services, that is on average a 53-58 minute response time. So much for Emergent Care. There are so many issues that Music like this brings to light, a message to those whole listen, and a lesson to be learned by those who apply it. Talib Kweli's background (