Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, or Lupe Fiasco, is an American Hip-Hop artist, born in Chicago IL, who has attracted my attention simply because of the pure energy and passion behind the lyrics. His whole goal is to inspire people, let them know that anything is possible "I was once that little boy, terrified of the world, now I'm on the world tour". He is the closest representative I have found of the true voice of the American People. Conscious Hip Hop is not an Official Title, simply one that has been adopted to set those that are not just a bunch of noise and curses from those with a message, one that needs to be heard.

I'm keenly interested in the opinions of people who do not live in America, who are on the outside looking in, what do you see? Does this change your opinion? Personally I think America was intended to be amazing, and we have ruined it as a people. We have let Materials be our way to happiness, but in reality less is more. We let planned obsolescence brainwash our consumers, all for a shinier piece of tech.

This section of music is our only hope as a nation in my opinion. We are divided by race, what race? Human? Color is nothing but an illusion used for distinction.