Citizens United vs the Federal Election Commission 2009, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United, and granted them the power to fund the advertising and fundraising of political campaigns. 24 states that individually ban unions, corporations, or both from funding campaigns through a PAC, but it is clear how that held up on a national level, to put it simply, it didn't. Now not only do these corporations have lobbyists, they have rights in elections.

Not only is this immoral and disgusting, It is out right unconstitutional and yet again gives a true look at how deep the corruption has sunk it's teeth into our Federal Government.

Not only did the PAC successfully sue the Federal Election Commission, it successfully overturned the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 which had barred corporate involvement in Elections.

Currently I am looking into the legal routes of forming a Class-Action law suit in the name of the people against the members of the PAC, both federal judges, and corporate lobbyists, as well as corporate heads, to fight the act. Something must be done, and it is time we the people stop playing by the Corporations rules, after all we have to power to change them at any time, we just need to get our bearings as a country, that is the true challenge.