The Trans Pacific Partnership is a an international "trade agreement" that is written by Lobbyist factions in a closed court, intended to leave the people it directly affects in the line of fire and with no say in what is to be included.

The specifics are rather grim, including an extension to international Copyright to 100 years after copyright date, as well as extending the copyright-able things to animals, and surgical procedures just to name a few.

Not only that it will also give corporations the power to sue governments for potentially lost profits if the government refuses to allow the companies product to be sold on their markets. This is a direct cause of American Corporations being allowed to involve themselves in national and international politics due to the Citizens United Act of 1988 (PAC), which was an act of gross negligence on the part of the American "Justice" system. This must not be allowed to come into pass, or it will restrict laws regarding even copies of copyrighted material, such as power points, videos, music, pictures, to include both criminal and domestic charges for possession of these items. There is also a clause for "Non-profit possession included in eligibility for criminal charges". The people of each nation must persist in harassing their representatives to trash this bill, if not it will be a global incarnation of 1984.