The United States spent a total of $672.9 Billion on Military Spending in 2013. Now to put that in perspective, the same government that spent $98.5 Billion on Department of Transportation, and a whopping $71.9 Billion on the Department of Education.

So my government is spending more money sending undereducated people to go fight, and more money to transport undereducated people around, than they are spending to educate these undereducated people. No wonder the whole world doesn't like America.

It is a well documented fact that if you invest more in education, crime rates drop, public health increases, and over all you develop a more productive society, yet this is the opposite policy adopted by my country. I am ashamed to call myself American, because it is clear that it no longer means that I am a citizen in the land of the free, but that I am a beneficiary of warmongering practices, and am not sure if or how I can reconcile that.

Corporations make a boat load of money every fiscal year, and yet their employees don't make enough money to survive, let alone flourish. It used to be that fast food jobs here were for kids to make extra money during high school and college, now the average age of food and beverage/ fast food workers, 28 years old. People are trying to support families on minimum wage thanks to trickle down economics.