I awoke this morning to the unsurprising yet devastating news that the government has officially shut down. The House and Senate could not come to a deal on raising the spending limit and negotiating a budget because the extremist group in the House under the name of Tea Party, has made the demand that the Affordable Care Act that was approved by the house and senate majority two and a half years ago, be defunded or they will not pass a budget on to the senate. September 30th, 2013 was their deadline, and they have decided to take out America from within.

There is a palpable sense of unease, one that I resonate with deeply. What changed in the last decade that this congress cannot reach a decision, when they would be the first in over 200 years to not be able to compromise. This is a sad day, for I see several roads ahead that do not bode well.

If the US government cannot get its act together, the American people will grow tired of their petty games, When that happens, I fear it may be game over. Either it will be a mass revolution, or it will be akin to the Glorious Revolution. For the sake of everyone, I hope it is the latter, and not the former.